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Many companies around the world are working to scale autonomous driving. A recent article in Fortune Magazine suggests that Momenta is on track to achieve this goal. 

Momenta is a leading autonomous driving company committed to creating a better future for smart mobility through breakthrough AI technology. It has pioneered a uniquely scalable path towards full autonomous driving with a data-driven approach, called its “flywheel,” which quickly iterates and improves its algorithms. Its “two-leg” product strategy combines mass-production highly autonomous driving solutions (Mpilot) and fully autonomous driving (MSD or “Momenta Self Driving”) technologies. This strategy provides different levels of autonomous driving capability, while realizing large-scale implementation of highly automated driving solutions. Ultimately this will enable safer, more convenient, and efficient travel in the future.

The SAIC Mobility Robotaxi, jointly developed by Momenta, SAIC Motors, SAIC Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and SAIC Mobility, is a successful implementation of Momenta’s MSD commercial operation. At present, SAIC Mobility Robotaxi is operating in Shanghai and Suzhou. According to the "SAIC Mobility Robotaxi 100-Day Operation Report", 80% of users chose to use the service two or more times after the first experience. The high usage rate shows the tremendous potential of this business model.

In addition, Momenta has recently supported the launches of two mass-produced vehicles: SAIC Motor’s IM Zhiji L7 and SAR Motor’s Mecha Dragon.

The IM L7 electric sedan using Moment’s autonomous driving technology, which can easily manage complex road conditions with a “human-like” intelligent driving experience. SAIC Motors delivered the 2000th IM Zhiji L7 electric vehicle during the recent Chengdu Motor show.

SAR Motors also showed its new Mecha Dragon electric vehicle at the Chengdu Motor  Show. The Mecha Dragon’s automated driving software system is supported by Momenta’s technology.

The autonomous driving market is growing rapidly, and Momenta's data-driven algorithms are global benchmarks. "What Momenta does is true artificial intelligence," Ram Vasudevan, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, told Fortune in an interview.

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