Data-Driven Algorithm

Compared with Human-Driven algorithm, Data-Driven algorithm is scalable and can autonomously solve rare scenarios, and achieve faster iteration at low-cost.

Momenta has achieved world-leading full-process data-driven technical capabilities. Algorithm modules including perception, fusion, prediction and planning and control can be iterated and updated in a highly efficient and data-driven manner.

  • Perception
  • HD-Map
  • Prediction
  • Planning




CLA enables us to quickly and cost-efficiently process, filter and label massive amounts of data and deploy our algorithms against more applications and driving scenarios. This drives our algorithms to become smarter and more sophisticated, leading to efficient iteration and improved performance of our technology and solutions which in turn generates more data that we can use to refine our algorithms.

CLA 闭环自动化



  • Data-Driven Perception

    Our perception algorithms transform sensory information into actionable information about the vehicle and its environment in real time. Over the years, our world-leading experts of deep-learning have built proprietary algorithms which achieve high detection accuracy, with rich features, an engineering-friendly architecture when running in vehicles.

    • Human

      Human keypoint detection

      human pose and adction recognition

      3D positioning and motion prediction

    • Vehicles

      1000+ vehicle models recognition

      Bounding box in 3D space

      Motion prediction

    • Road

      Lanes and guide lines at intersections

      Road signs detection and recognition

      Traffic light recognition

      Free space recognition

    • Chinese Scenarios

      More complicated VRU behaviors

      Different traffic sign and boundaries

      Unique vehicles in China

  • HD Map

    HD Map for autonomous driving entails features of precision, freshness and scalability. 3D positioning of the surrounding environment is reconstructed by extracting semantic information from 2D images and fusing with GPS and IMU data. “Live” map which powers various levels of autonomous driving is automatically generated from crowdsourcing vehicles with low-cost and mass-produced sensors. HD Map is used by different autonomous driving software modules such as localization, planning and control.

  • Data-Driven Path Planning

    Leveraging our [proprietary] AI deep learning technologies, our planning algorithms guide vehicles through a variety of driving moves. Under our data-driven approach, our planning algorithms efficiently adapt to traffic rules or driving styles in new scenarios compared with the more commonly used rule-based approach. This allows our planning algorithms to achieve high scalability as it avoids the large engineering effort to constantly update planning algorithm logic.

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