Momenta Achieve the Set Lane Autonomous Driving with Apollo1.5

2017-07-04 Momenta


At the Baidu AI Developers Conference held on July 5, 2017, Baidu announced Apollo's overall strategy and opening time plan, attracted many developers to join the Apollo camp. Momenta, composed of 90’s young engineers, gave the car a "brain" based on Apollo1.5's set lane day and night autonomous driving. After a series of road tests in the daytime and in the night of the harsh visual environment, Momenta automatic driving vehicle equipped with Apollo 1.5 is still able to distinguish typical traffic scenes such as the car ahead suddenly changes it’s line or pedestrian and bicycle rider cross the road. And, when the road appears trash, large dogs and cartons and other atypical traffic scenes, the vehicle can make accurate judgments, to provide safe and stable driving decision. The open technology of Apollo1.5 will help developers quickly and efficiently give automatic driving vehicle the ability of obstacle identification, decision planning and other capabilities.

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